Review: Elysium

16 Aug 13

District E

Yeah ok, the politics are obvious, the characters are more stereotypes than flesh n' blood, but if, like me you loved 'District 9', then Neill Blomkamp delivers another top notch dose of dystopian sci-fi.

All the great stuff from 'D:9' is here - hardware that looks used. Beaten and battered weaponry, robots and an immersive, beautifully designed and Weta-realized world. Just like 'D:9' it begins by seemingly promising a deep, intellectually satisfying, morality tale, reflecting on the rights, wrongs and injustices of our modern world... only to give that up as so much po-faced posturing half-way through and launch instead into an all-out, frenetic, fun but pretty formulaic action movie.

It may be more of the same, it may waste Jodie Foster's talents, but it's damn fine entertainment that's darn well made and gorgeously designed. Damon hits the mark nicely as heroic Max and Sharlto Copley's a great bad guy (under-utilized in a Darth Maul kinda way) - but it's Blomkamp's direction and vision that win the day.

Once Blomkamp starts getting the same mastery of character and plot as he has of camera and SFX expect a raft of stunning movie magic and Oscars galore!