David Wenham's feature film directorial debut is a love letter to Sydney, an improvised experiment about the random meeting of two strangers.... More

"Conceived, workshopped and shot in just ten days, Ellipsis begins with an accidental meeting between Viv (Emily Barclay, In My Father's Den) and Jasper (Benedict Samuel) on the streets of Sydney. The two literally bump into each other, leading to conversation, a coffee and a nightlong adventure. They travel through the city from Bondi to Kings Cross, from a sex shop to bars and parks revealing more to each other and growing closer." (Sydney Film Festival)Hide

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  • An accidental encounter in Sydney leads to a night of whimsical discovery in this multicultural pastiche. Full Review

  • Wenham and his young leads find their own expressive awkwardness and intimacy amid a committed micro-budget aesthetic. In its best scenes, which are often some of the quietest, the camera feels like an equal third participant to what is unfolding. Full Review

  • Ellipsis' banter, almost-romantic friendship, and assemblage of offbeat altercations keep to a well-worn path, even if the film is staged and shot with energy and affection. Full Review

  • Wenham ... demonstrates a deft hand here, keeping the wispiest of narratives afloat with a low-key portrait of budding romance that's awake to the excitement of first encounters. Full Review

  • A high-spirited and humane dramedy with a sparkling joie de vivre and an infectious passion for people and their idiosyncrasies. Full Review

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