Patti Cake$'s Danielle McDonald signs up for a beauty pageant in protest in this coming-of-age comedy co-starring Jennifer Aniston as her mother, a former beauty queen. Soon other local kids follow in her footsteps, revolutionising their small Texas town.

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  • Dumplin' clings timidly to its YA roots, which are firmly on the unsophisticated side of the spectrum. Full Review

  • "Dumplin' " is muddled uplift, but with some encouraging new wrinkles. Full Review

  • Kristin Hahn's script gives Will sassy lines and too many tears, but the filmmakers never give this character a real, searching, complex inner life. Full Review

  • It is boringly conventional, giving the sensation of having seen it all before, only this time with more glitter and higher hair. Full Review

  • "Dumplin'" has been so carefully calculated, it's a wonder it plays as warmly and sincerely as it does. Full Review

  • On its surface, Dumplin' is a slight, charming comedy about beauty pageants and learning to be yourself, but watch closely enough and you might see some of the new moves it brings to an otherwise predictable routine. Full Review

  • Dumplin' isn't a story that uses a skinny, conventionally pretty protagonist to pick apart a realm that rewards women exactly like her. It's more imaginative than that, open to the idea that beauty itself is more expansive and subjective. Full Review