Don't Tell

Don't Tell


Australian drama based on the true story of 11-year-old sexual abuse survivor Lyndal, whose court case precipitated changes to Australian law.

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  • It’s a thoughtful, quietly shocking film, beautifully made. Full Review

  • Left despairingly silent by disbelief, guilt, and denial, Tori Garrett's film effectively tells the tale of the individual struggling to be heard in the face of an uncaring institution. Full Review

  • Overall, the polite, and often static nature of Don’t Tell’s scripting suggests it might have fared better as a TV movie. Full Review

  • Emotions bubble close to the surface at all times – they might have been more pronounced if the film-maker had taken more risks. Full Review

  • It’s one of the year’s best performances in an Australian film, and it might be enough to allow director Garrett’s effort to be heard over all those damn American pics out there. Full Review

  • ABC

    But compare Don't Tell to the Oscar winning Spotlight — another film about a specific set of crimes against children and it's clear how much more focused and sharply political the American film was. Full Review