Review: Divergent

04 Sep 14

Diverge to the Couch

I haven't read the books, let me just say it now. I had no interest in seeing the movie either. I am a Hunger Games fan and didn't want to see Divergent at all. But a friend put it on so I watched it.
I liked the casting choices except for Shailene Woodley who I don't see as a leading lady of any franchise ever but I liked Four and I think Miles Teller is a strong evil. I even liked Eric and the way he was styled, especially after reading the thought process behind this.
I felt the relationships were a little under developed and some actions were unexplained. I would have preferred a deeper look into how society became the way it was before the movie started.
I would probably watch the second installment to see if it gets any better but I'm not jumping out of my seat to be the first in line. This movie provides action, romance and a little bit of intrigue that will entertain you even if it doesn't dazzle you out right.