Review: Diana

11 Oct 13

Princess of Cheesy Tarts

No way was I going to sit through a movie about Princess Diana - but then I found out that Oliver Hirschbiegel, director of the superb Hitler's-last-days movie, 'Downfall,' was calling the shots. Big mistake because 'Diana' plays out like a Mills & Boon romance as featured in the pages of 'Hello' magazine.

With its E-Entertainment TV level of "drama," "research," and "authenticity," it may as well be an animated Disney musical - "The Princess and the Heart Surgeon" - only with more cheese and about as much believable "based on a true story" reality as an episode of 'Eastenders.'

At times, 'Diana' makes the dubious historical rewriting of Meryl Streep starring 'The Iron Lady' look like a documentary. It's script is so light, fluffy and undemanding you'd expect it to be a daytime TV movie, not a film from the director behind the Oscar-nominated 'Downfall.'

Watching this royal worshipping pap made me realize just what a well written and superbly crafted movie Stephen Frear's 'The Queen' was. That film certainly had a more convincing cast, as there's less spark between Naomi Watts (as Diana), and Naveen Andrews (as surgeon Dr Hasnat Khan), than a decade-dead car battery.

Sad to say, it's not even bad in a funny "look how crap it is!" way. It's just bad in a "I want two-hours of my life back" way ☹