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If you enjoyed MEGAMIND then you'll enjoy this. Same set-up, i.e. the would-be bad guy learns that he is a hero deep inside... escuse me while I yawn and puke simultaneously, but I'm a SOUTH PARK fan, rather than a Disney dude. Anyway - knockabout fun for the kids but, unlike PIXAR films such as Up, WALL-E or MONSTERS INC, there's not much going on here for adults or film buffs. It works on one level - as a fun, slapstick comedy, much like KUNG FU CASHMACHINE... Take the kids, but don't expect... More PIXAR standards of animation, script or imagination. Liked the minions - but struggled to spot more than a mere hint of Jemaine Clement's vocal talents. Anyway the minions are basically knock-off versions of the alien creatures from TOY STORY ("the claw!") and the whole film has the smell of "stolen, seen-it-somewhere, knicked, hey!" about it... When does homage become stealing? I don't know, ask Quentin Tarantino! What do I know?Hide

A lovely movie with a good heart moving story line but Mega Mind leaves it for dead.

BY Heather7 wannabe

Awesome movie the storyline was fantastic and the characters were fun and lovable. I would definitley watch this movie over and over.

The humour is good and pulls out some decent jokes of the time but isn't at the levels of some of the bigger animated movies of the last couple of decades. The plot flow is a tad messy and reminiscent of a scatalogical Tom and Jerry cartoon. But the 3-D certainly gives this flick some extra pep worth the GST-inflated admission, especially courtesy of one stunning rollercoaster ride.

alsome better in 3d the yellow ones are funny

Although it was great to find a movie we could take the whole family to without having to dodge "violence and sexual references" it was a real pity that the funniest bits of the movie had already been shown in the trailer and Pizza Hut commercial. Having said that, the little yellow guys were the highlight of the movie and it WAS funny if not particularly original ... but if I hear my daughter say "it's so FLUFFY!!" one more time I may not be responsible for my actions ...


can't wait to see it the trailer makes me laugh by laugh i mean "does this count as annyouing blub blub blub" hahahahahah can't wait to see it.

something for everyone

I hope this movie will be a hit i like it wow!!!!!!!!!!!

i want to see it

I Can't wait till I see despicable me it's going to be FANTASTIC

It a great movie firm what I've heard and I can't wait to see it and my friends say it's AWESOME!!!! so I'm pretty despite to see it!!!!!!!!
It's going to be pretty big!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Absolutely hilarious, great for all ages! Laughed all the way through it & can still remember so many funny quotes ! "No annoying sounds"

It the best kids movie so far and grown ups can enjoy as well

your welcome problamo, these stars are for you

this movie is great for all ages funny , cool , good family movie

Good gadgets, some fine one-liners, and a great score make this kids flick easily bearable for adults. I laughed out loud several times, as did the 6 year old. The ending is unsurprising, in fact, most of the film is a little unsurprising, but that's OK, because it never stops being entertaining. A recommend!

BY Philip-Moore superstar

Gru is mastermind evil genius that wants to be the best villan of all time. He has a bunch of minions that help him run his operation. His next target is to steal the moon. But he also has to deal with a rival named Vector. He decides to adopt three girl orphans to help steal a shrink ray. There are many funny moments along the way and is a fun time at the movies. The animation is very impressive and I enjoyed this

i think that the wiggles was wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy beter i like the red guy you can watch the wiggls on playhouse disney my favourite tv progame

i do not know much about this move but it does have a good theme and seems to be very funny and will be funny when it does come out. it is something i would like to see but might not be what i am thinking of