Desert Flower

Review: Desert Flower

14 Feb 11


How do you begin to think on this, commenting is well..words fail me. A powerful struggle by a what the western culture would term the most underpriviledge human beings on the planet. God, what we think we know about life and living. Out of extreme circumstances comes a true soul with a great might of willpower. How does a 13yrs old understand strength of that magnitude. A story that needed telling, the world is ready to listen now thank goodness. Adaptation subtle really,toned down and easy to digest, with the exception of the gruesomely powerful circumcision. Everyone in the theatre closed eyes during that scene. Not for the squeamish. Sally Hawkins love her acting. My Mum talked about this book incessantly when it came out. At 84yrs now i wonder how she will respond to the movie. We'll see.