Review: Deadpool

27 Mar 16

Too bad the script ain't as smart as his mouth...

Although Deadpool has received a ton of praise as a game-changer for the never-ending super-hero genre juggernaut, the movie’s bones are completely conventional - average, even. This is a generally unspectacular variation on the standard super-hero origin story that we’ve all seen time and time again, and the smart-ass tone and fun (but only moderately clever) breaking of the fourth-wall can only do so much to make it feel fresh. Not enough, in fact.

It’s a good thing, then, that Deadpool is funnier by far than many of the so-called comedies extruded from the Hollywood sausage machine over the last few years. The gags come thick and fast, and though the hit-rate is by no means perfect (the blind lady assembling Ikea furniture is one of several puzzling misfires), it’s still unexpectedly high. It was only during the pauses between laughter (and during the standard, drawn-out action finale) that I regretted the lack of anything genuinely fresh or different here, but the fact that those pauses were few and far between meant that Deadpool ended up being a reasonably fun, if ultimately empty, experience.