Review: Deadpool

09 Feb 16

Dead On

The story is basic comic book fare - guy gets physically messed up, receives ultimate powers, and seeks to destroy the baddie that screwed him up in the first place. But what makes Deadpool stand out among the jostling throng of comic book movies is the potty mouthed, utterly hilarious, and not quite hero not quite villain Deadpool. Reynolds gives his most memorable performance yet both outside and beneath the red lycra, capturing the brokenness but never overplaying the madness of Deadpool. This film also doesn't take itself or its star of anyone or anything seriously, which is where the largest laughs lie. This approach enhances the story and the characters instead of distracting from them.
Last year the great Steven Spielberg questioned how long comic book films will be around for, but with original comic book characters like Deadpool they should be around for a long while yet.