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I find Ryan Reynolds sense of humor and delivery very grating and obnoxious. Even if the film is an original idea, I just found myself rolling my eyes.

BY PercyM superstar

Although with a thin plot, its entertaining, funny, action-packed and irreverent.

BY Booper superstar

Seems like I may be the only person on earth that isn't on the Deadpool buzz.

I am a huge fan of 'all killer, no filler' movies and I found Deadpool too short - the pacing felt off and it just seemed to end suddenly. I thought Ryan Renolds played it well but ultimately I left the theatre disappointed. Maybe it gets better on rewatch?

BY silentbob88 superstar

About time a comic book superhero movie was made for adults... I am not steeped in Deadpool comic lore, however being a huge fan of Ryan Reynolds I really enjoyed this fun filled R rated flick. Finally we are not treated as simple dumbed down kids and can have an fun time with over the top action and comic book gore and violence with blood and people getting their beans. Obviously it is highly stylised but I reckon the tongue is firmly in cheek and this movie takes no prisoners as it... More effortlessly blends action and humour with loads of self aware references thrown in for good measure and extra style points. As i said I had a blast, and can't wait til the Blurry comes out, and also the next instalment of Deadpool with hopefully plenty more other marvel characters to join him in the sequel after this one raked in the big bucks!!Hide

It is just so bad. Unfunny and very, very boring. Not sure what all the fuss is about this film. All it is is a mindless fluff than comes out of a naked rear end as a big splatt.

BY DanielK superstar

Although Deadpool has received a ton of praise as a game-changer for the never-ending super-hero genre juggernaut, the movie’s bones are completely conventional - average, even. This is a generally unspectacular variation on the standard super-hero origin story that we’ve all seen time and time again, and the smart-ass tone and fun (but only moderately clever) breaking of the fourth-wall can only do so much to make it feel fresh. Not enough, in fact.

It’s a good thing, then, that... More Deadpool is funnier by far than many of the so-called comedies extruded from the Hollywood sausage machine over the last few years. The gags come thick and fast, and though the hit-rate is by no means perfect (the blind lady assembling Ikea furniture is one of several puzzling misfires), it’s still unexpectedly high. It was only during the pauses between laughter (and during the standard, drawn-out action finale) that I regretted the lack of anything genuinely fresh or different here, but the fact that those pauses were few and far between meant that Deadpool ended up being a reasonably fun, if ultimately empty, experience.Hide

BY Zamm superstar

Not for the prim and proper. Ryan Reynolds is great. Deadpool is cool. The gore was exterme in some parts that it made me laugh so hard! :-)

BY Ben-Choo grader

It's great when a movie makes a bold move to be restricted. Deadpool pulls it off really well with utterly awesome 4th wall breaking

BY Deb superstar

and that is why it's seriously good.

BY KennethP91 superstar

In a year populated with Superhero / Comic-book movies, Deadpool enters the fray first as this lovable anti-hero delivers a truly one of a kind not so superhero movie.

Wade Wilson is a mercenary for hire who’s unfortunately stricken by cancer. Desperate to find a cure, he enlists on a secret experimental program *cough cough Weapon X cough cough*. However things do not go as planned as the program left him tortured and deformed, though cured of his cancer, Wade Wilson came out a completely... More changed person. Seeking for retribution, Wade Wilson adapts the codename Deadpool and searches for the people who tortured him and save the love of his life.

One of the most beloved comic book character finally hits the screen with Deadpool. Now he’s been portrayed before from a different movie, but it’s a movie better off forgotten and buried in a “never to watch again” box. This movie on the other hand, does the character justice. It’s everything a Deadpool fan asks for in a Deadpool movie. It’s crude, violent, extremely funny and all around enjoyable. The movie takes advantage of it’s R Rating and it works incredibly well.

Ryan Reynolds is perfect as Deadpool, it’s as if he was born to play this character. His jokes are witty and delivers them with perfect timing. From his sarcasm, to his foul language to references to other superhero movies from breaking the fourth wall and talking to the audience. These are lines a fan would thoroughly enjoy. The side characters were done well, the addition of Colossus and Negasonic Teenage Warhead (geez that’s a mouthful) compliment’s Deadpool nicely, specially Colossus who’s given a much needed personality. Though Deadpool is still the star of the film, Colossus (voiced by Stefan Kapicic) gave a nice noticeable performance.

Though the movie is incredibly fun and laugh out loud funny. It’s with flaws, the antagonists Ajax (Ed Skrein) and Angel (Gina Carano) were one dimensional and though they play the villains well, there’s not much else to them. Also some of the CG were obvious and one can tell that there this movie was not made with the same budget as other superhero movies. However these are just minor flaws, and it shouldn’t ruin anyone’s viewing experience.

Overall Deadpool has definitely raised the bar for the rest of the superhero movies coming out this year. With a perfect on-screen adaptation of a comic-book character, Deadpool delivers a refreshing take on the superhero genre. It’s a satirical movie who’s not afraid to comment on the cliches and flaws of said superhero movies. It’s self referential yet uses this to it’s advantage to deliver a near perfect anti-superhero movie. Highly recommended for people who are familiar with the product, likewise for people just looking for a good laugh.Hide

BY Mel superstar

It's refreshing to see a comic book film with stakes as small as this - it's really just one guy's personal vendetta against another guy who wronged him, which escalates when the woman he loves gets involved. As Deadpool himself points out: this is really a love story - albeit one featuring bone crunching violence, colourful language and a superhero who jerks off with a toy unicorn - and the film does have a lot of heart. Beneath the wisecracking, blood soaked surface, there is a sweetness to... More the film which feels completely natural and makes the film utterly engaging. Oh - and it's under 2 hours! (aka normal feature film length).Hide

BY TG09NZ wannabe

Funny, awesome action, storyline good. Top work from actors to directors and writers

BY FredDagg nobody

Porn by another name. It gets a bit tiresome watching crap like this. Can't Hollywood produce anything else these days?

WOW what to say, Ryan you did it you sick ass F***er....
Deadpool is back thank to Wolferman hahaha.
Great action pack movie with loads of laughter and offensive language.
Now I know why this is an R16 movie.

BY Brendo superstar

Crude, crass and controversial. Hilarious, creative, fresh and violent. 'Deadpool' goes to a place where other superhero films don't dare to go and the result is a total laugh-out-loud, beat-them -up calamity that sucks the audience right in and refuses to let go. It doesn't mind in the slightest to make fun of itself, relayed perfectly through the anti-hero star of the show, Deadpool himself. It sarcastically points the finger at the whole marvel superhero world but never forgets that it still... More must deliver the riotous impact that the viewer is expecting. Like many people, I had never heard of Deadpool and was unfamiliar with the whole narrative. Even with a cameo appearance in the 'Wovlerine Origins' film as Wade Wilson this off-the-wall character never made it in my comic book collection.
'Deadpool's' debut on the silver screen coincides with first time Director, Tim Miller's virgin feature and what a way to announce your arrival. Their is nothing safe about Miller's production and with its R rating, how could it be. 'Deadpool' simply needed to be let loose to see where this outrageous character will take the whole film and right from the very first scene the audience will know they are in for one hell of a ride. Rhett Reese, Paul Wernick and co have had the very unique task of being able to create a narrative where its boundaries are not as constrained as its more well known and famous rivals and the whole blasting spectacle benefits from the less conventional script.
For the first part of the film we are treated to a story that goes from the present back to the past and then back to the present until we have all caught up with the fast paced, crazy ride (and able to suck in some much needed oxygen). Wade Wilson (Ryan Reynolds) is a mercenary of sorts. He makes a living as a thug and standover man for those who will pay the right sum. Wade is also a smartarse, quick witted and able to handle himself in any situation but then one evening he meets his match in the form of the very beautiful Vanessa (Morena Baccarin). She has the unusual ability in dealing with Wade's ways and a beautiful, very active relationship blossoms. This all turns to sewerage when Wade is diagnosed with a terminal illness that directly leads him to becoming Deadpool when an experimental "cure" transforms him into an unstoppable force. There is one problem.........but this is for the viewer to find out. Carnage is the order of the day as Deadpool, with the help of a couple of minor X-men goes about amusingly righting the wrongs that were thrust upon him by Ajax (Ed Skrein) and save the woman he loves.
Ryan Reynolds is the only actor that could genuinely play this role. He is known for his outlandish behaviour but it does seem as if 'Deadpool' was in some way auspiciously written for him. Reynolds doesn't disappoint, completely immersing himself in this performance that can only result in this very funny antihero production. Everyone else that appears alongside Ryan is there for the benefit of Deadpool's comedic nature but by no means out of place. The characters come and go but all play their part, each providing moments of R rated controversy that will leave the audience in stitches. The script is simple but drives the 'Merc with the mouth' on a riotous journey to seek out his vengeance in typical Ryan Reynolds style. It is his film and he grabs it with both hands, teeth and tongue.
But remember........he isn't a hero.Hide

I gave it 5 stars. Probably only deserved 4 but then I haven't had that much fun in a movie for bloddy ages so it got the extra one. I felt like a young man again.

‘Deadpool’ may be a lot of bad taste fun, but it ain’t the first post-modern, R-rated, foul-mouthed, hyper-violent superhero movie. Far from it. Remember James ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ Gunn’s wonderfully dark, ‘Super’ (2010), a film released the same year as Matthew Vaughan’s superb ‘Kick-Ass’? Then of course there was Stephen Norrington’s kick-ass Wesley Snipes Marvel movie, ‘Blade’ (2008), and Guillermo del Torro’s cool follow-up, ‘Blade 2’ (2002). Going... More back even further and there’s Álex de la Iglesia’s gloriously screwball sci-fi, ‘Accion mutante’ (1993), Paul Verhoeven’s totally brilliant over-the-top fascist satire, ‘RoboCop’ (1987), and even Troma’s wacky cult favourite, ‘Toxic Avenger’ (1984).

If I was 12 to 14 and had never seen any of those other super superhero movies for adults with a taste for the darker side of humour, I’d be raving about Ryan Reynolds’ latest and hailing it a masterful takedown of an increasingly tired genre. That said, Tim Miller’s directorial debut is still a hoot, full of nods, winks and fourth-wall breaking asides.

The snide comments about Reynolds previous Deadpool appearance, in the dire ‘Wolverine Origins’ movie, and playing the title role in the truly awful ‘Green Lantern’, are fun in a meta-movie way. No moans here, I enjoyed it. The violence took on splatstick proportions of silliness and the gags are on the whole pretty good, with each zinger shot by Reynolds often slapping the bullseye, but it’s basically a one-joke movie about a superhero who knows he’s a superhero in a superhero movie played by an actor who’s been in a couple of crap superhero movies already – geddit?

It’s a cheeky love-story, superhero plot that’s not that different from previous Marvel fare. Still, go to poke fun at the genre. Go for Reynolds giving his all as the Merc with a Mouth. Go for the foul language, over-the-top violence and bad taste. Go – for a refreshingly genuine laugh. Because, whilst ‘Deadpool’ may not be revolutionary, new or profound – it sure is f**** entertaining!Hide

BY alex128 lister

This movie was so funning I forgot how to breath in between laughter. There was no in-between.
Ryan Reynolds threw himself into this character and it was utterly convincing. The non-stop meta/self-referencial and fourth-wall breaking moments did not only not detract from the story but made it something like genius.
Just gold.

BY tomdyton nobody

Anticipation for Deadpool was high; having been a fan for some time of the irreverent and sometimes heartfelt comedy of Deadpool, I went into this movie with firm expectations. Sadly, Deadpool soon becomes the butt of it's own joke. The movie is constantly pointing out it's own expected tropes and genre barriers, but instead of subverting them - leans directly in. It's not enough for Deadpool to be aware that's he's in a crummy movie, he needs to fix it. Sadly, this is never actualised, with... More the movie feeling like a rehash of a bygone era of superhero antics. Think the original Spiderman with more profanities.Hide

BY KimLewis lister

This movie is a long way from being as great as it is being hyped up to be; it suffers slightly from its jumpy lack of pacing and on more of a personal note, drowning the audience with jokes in every sentence. However, on a whole Deadpool is witty, clever and sharp and well worth a watch

BY flapper123 superstar

Well this Marvel film is certainly different from the previous ones that I have seen and it is just as well that I had a free ticket on my card. For the first 45minutes or so there was just continuous content that was really unneccessary and I am not just talking graphic but scriptlines as well, I had the urge to walk but stayed for longer until the audience were given a stripshow that did it for me.

I went off to see Zoolander2

BY JackWallace superstar

Holy chimichanga! Deadpool is phenomenal. I had so much fun watching this ridiculously entertaining, ultra violent superhero meta comedy. I loved every minute of it. Deadpool doesn't follow the typical superhero formula. Lots of movie references, fourth wall breaking, jokes about Ryan Reynold's career. It's a very fast paced film, the action is exciting. There's never a dull moment. Ryan Reynolds was born to play Wade Wilson/Deadpool. He's perfect. I laughed a lot during this movie, people were... More clapping at the end. Go see Deadpool! Grade: AHide

BY Lucy-Power superstar

Deadpool really lived up to all the hype. Funny, irreverent, and a fresh take on the superhero genre. Ryan Reynolds was perfect as Deadpool. I thought the main villain and his organisation could have been better developed, but that was really my only criticsm.

BY RealityCheck superstar

Imagine if you can a movie combination of 'Nightmare on Elm Street', 'V for Vendetta', 'The Mask' and 'Van Wilder - Party Liaison'. It’s up there funny with Dave Chappell with more come backs than Jimmy Carr, only Deadpool’s are better. Marvel really got there stuff right bringing out this character to the big screen. He’s relentless and the anti-hero/unwanted hero in most of us. 80’s throw back one liners and bizarre often obscure references like ‘Alien 3’ ‘8Mile’... More ‘127hours’ ‘Monty Python’ and many many more. It’s got that prostitute chick from ‘FireFly', the main dude from Green Lantern, and a strange cameo from some old guy with glasses who always does cameos.
Genre : Comic book, CGI character, English Bad Guy, Wolverine/Xmen Reference, Action, Adventure
4.5-6 : Love to give it 5, but I can’t.... I wanted more.Hide


BY thorinoak superstar

The story is basic comic book fare - guy gets physically messed up, receives ultimate powers, and seeks to destroy the baddie that screwed him up in the first place. But what makes Deadpool stand out among the jostling throng of comic book movies is the potty mouthed, utterly hilarious, and not quite hero not quite villain Deadpool. Reynolds gives his most memorable performance yet both outside and beneath the red lycra, capturing the brokenness but never overplaying the madness of Deadpool.... More This film also doesn't take itself or its star of anyone or anything seriously, which is where the largest laughs lie. This approach enhances the story and the characters instead of distracting from them.
Last year the great Steven Spielberg questioned how long comic book films will be around for, but with original comic book characters like Deadpool they should be around for a long while yet.Hide