Dead Poets Society

Dead Poets Society


He was their inspiration. He made their lives extraordinary.

Robin Williams leads this 1989 Oscar-winning classroom drama as an English teacher of a preppy, stiff-upper-lip school who educates his students on the value of going against the social grain and to “seize the day”. Co-stars Ethan Hawke.

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85% of critics recommend.
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  • An often overlooked screen gem. It's notable also for a baby-faced Ethan Hawke and a premium performance from Robin Williams. Full Review

  • Sings whenever Williams is onscreen. Full Review

  • Weir infuses the film with his customary mysticism, but more importantly, draws sensitive performances from his largely inexperienced cast. Full Review

  • Not the worst of the countless recent movies about good kids and hidebound, authoritatian older people. It may, however, be the most shameless in its attempt to pander to an adolescent audience. Full Review

  • The movie undercuts Mr. Williams's exceptionally fine performance, making the character seem more of a dubious fool than is probably intended. Full Review

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