Review: Contagion

17 Nov 11

Needed a little more

Now this movie was not too bad but sort of left thinking of all the other Virus type movies ever made.

The acting was good but not great which was odd since the class of those acting in the movie were high. I doubt you would see a Oscar here either the performances were solid but not outstanding.

The film is about how the world via several different peoples eyes reacts to a widespread viral infection that practically kills all those infected. Problem was we heard the numbers of how many were dying but never really saw a lot of the dead or the dying. Of course that for some is fine but really why talk millions if we only ever see a dozen or two.

The ending was not as I would of expected which of course is not necessarily a bad thing but for me it seemed a little weak and there was plenty of scope there for several different ways it could have ended but simply didn't.

So overall the movie is good but not great if it's one you would like to see you would not have to worry to much about whether or not it was at the theatres or at home on Bluray or DVD.