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Despite Liam Neeson being billed as the lead in the icy caper, the big guy takes a back seat in the third act as other supporting players muscle to the fore. While aiming at the bleak comedic notes struck most recently by Calvary and In Bruges. Cold Pursuit doesn't quite hit all the notes. With some noticeable CGI backgrounds and a few scenes that feel phoned in, Cold Pursuit is a few snowdrifts away from a full avalanche.

I was lucky enough to see the Flicks preview of this movie.

This is the best black comedy I've seen in a long time. Liam Neeson doesn't disappoint and the gangsters do a great job of being gangsters.

I laughed so much that I had a sore face for a few hours afterwards. We will be watching this again soon, it was that good.

Don't take it too seriously and have fun.


I wasn't sure what to expect going into the movie and had no expectations. It starts as a very low key, almost dark arty movie with lots of snow billowing around in desolate snowy mountains, a quaint wee wooden house all by itself and a snow plough. There's not much dialogue to begin with. Nels is a man of few words, and shuns the limelight. The fun begins in the morgue scene. Elevating bodies is a recurring theme. Nels is spurred into action after he talks to his son's coworker. Then... More the body count really starts. One thing I must do is count the bodies next time I watch this. This is like an intentionally funny version of the Taken movies. Some great characters and actors. Warning, for snowflakes, it's a bloody movie. Tho the scenery with the snowplough and billowing snow is almost arty and surreal. It also has what may be the first snow plough chase in a movie. No doubt a movie buff will know. Watch it.Hide

BY wwimsett nobody

Very clever, thoroughly enjoyed it, pretty gross scenes but so much humour along the way.

BY Rob99 wannabe

I expected a snowy version of "Taken" but got a dark comedy, I enjoyed the movie no real dull patches and kept me interested until the end.

BY jpm nobody

Much more quirky than the trailer let on - which was a good thing. There were some really nuanced, funny and creative moments but I've never shut my eyes in one movie as much as this. Definitely Fargo-esque so if you liked that you'll love this.

BY Mulder nobody

Liam Neeson returns in his usual entertaining fare but this one lacks substance and the film is largely forgotten as soon as it ends. The main issue is we've seen it all before and while the villain is fun to watch Neeson goes about his "Taken" like business without breaking any new ground and there are several lapses in logic. Saying that, Neeson is always fun to watch and the pace never lags but you can't help feeling that it could have been better

In the vein of Fargo, this dark comedy is not your usual Liam Neeson action movie. Lots of killing, gratuitous violence, etc., but all played out with tongue firmly in cheek. Old Liam plays Old Liam, world weary and out for revenge after the killing of his son. What follows is not the usual Neeson (Taken) script. This is much more shambolic, and all the better for it. The crossing storylines keep you engaged and the supporting cast, particularly Tom Bateman's arch villain (almost Patrick... More Bateman-like in his over-the-top psycopathy) and Emmy Rossum's local cop, are all central to making this film work. With Laura Dern, William Forsythe, Tom Jackson, and John Doman there is no end of acting talent among the minor characters. Although the Canadian Rockies stand in for the Colorado Rockies, the location shots are great and the scenery is stunning. Overall a very good night out.Hide

BY Dr_Doom wannabe

I thought it would just be another Liam Neeson: PUNCHING GUYS kinda movie. How wrong I was. He also kicks, shoots, chokes AND mulches the baddies, all with a beautiful, snowy backdrop. Had a few chuckles along the way as the film ticked along at a decent pace , which led up to the (slightly OTT) climax... It was certainly more than I expected from the poster and the trailer. 4 stars from me!

Witty, Liam proves that he still has it / he is not over the hill yet, predictable but still thoroughly enjoyable. Loved the soundtrack...

BY sueb nobody

Just back from movie - strange but quite good, unusual for a 'mainstream' movie…

BY PeterS superstar

This movie certainly passed the five-laugh test; and I mean that in a good way. The movie does have its funny (laugh aloud) moments.

My wife and I saw this on a Monday night and nicely took the edge of the start of the week.

As most of the other reviews say, this is a good romp; so much so that I now want to see the Norwegian movie upon which it was based (Kraftidioten).

Liam Neeson plays Liam Neeson and is as good as every. Maybe even better.

Of note, Elizabeth Thai does a great job of... More playing 'the wife'. It would be interesting to see a movie about that character. Smart and funny.

If you need a good night out with some drama and some laughs, this could be it.Hide

BY wpja1981 wannabe

I loved the movie, it had all the elements of a thriller and when you add the humour and action dramaHil I know they were right in remaking this movie with this cast and Director. They made a great team and a truly enjoyable movie, thank you.

“Brilliant” in my opinion and I am still laughing today. Liam Neeson never lets you down and all I can say is keep them coming.

An enjoyable revenge movie with its tongue firmly in its cheek. The rugged wild and snowy environment is a big feature of this movie. As a dad bent on getting to the killers of his son, an endless progression of murders happen. The edge of the violence is taken off with comedic moments, and a Fargo-esque roll-on of events. It will appeal to those liking action, but with enough comedy to take it out of a straight-forward action movie.

BY MrDamage nobody

Enjoyed the movie - we both left the theater with sore cheeks from the laughing. Not too excessive in its gore/bloodshed by any means. If you're expecting this to be in the same vein as Taken then you would be disappointed - but thats not what the movie was aiming to be - far more light hearted and sophisticated right to the very end.

Liam does a decent job but it doesn’t surpass Taken. The action tries to build heat up but turns cold repeatly weighted down by the story.