Cold Pursuit

Cold Pursuit


Revenge is best served cold.

Liam Neeson gives his usual man-out-for-revenge role a darkly comedic twist in this thriller, playing a humble snow plough driver who seeks to murder the drug dealers he thinks killed his son. Based on director Hans Petter Moland's 2014 Norwegian film In Order of Disappearance, who returns to helm this English language remake.

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Cold Pursuit shows its hand early on, as a Fargo-esque musical cue plays over shots of snowy vistas: we’re headed to Coen-town. Or a facsimile of it, at least. That particular line between tragedy and comedy is a tricky one to walk, starting here with a dead son on a very squeaky gurney, but what are we meant to feel when one of the killers has their teeth punched out? Catharsis? Or is that meant to be funny, too? It’s not always clear, and without a firm pair of hands on the wheel a la The Brothers Coen, Cold Pursuit drifts off toward Blandsville.... More

The director of the Danish original Kraftidioten helms this English language remake of his own film, and the main difference between the two comes from casting—when Stellan Skarsgård starts wasting bad guys, it’s humorously out of left field. When Liam “I should probably call my agent” Neeson does it, not so much.

Cold Pursuit is always entertaining though, even when it seems unsure what it’s aiming for. After about thirty minutes of Neeson murdering thugs, a large supporting cast is introduced, and things perk up considerably. Detective Emmy Rossum trades banter with her amiable boss. Crime boss Tom Bateman parents his son very badly. His henchman bicker. None of it is gut-busting, but it’s amusing, and clever in the way it gradually fills in everyone’s backstory.

But it doesn’t amount to much. A lot of people die, and you may chuckle a bit along the way. In the original, Skarsgård’s character is called Nils Dickman. Here Neeson plays Nels Coxman. It’s almost a joke, but not really.Hide

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Despite Liam Neeson being billed as the lead in the icy caper, the big guy takes a back seat in the third act as other supporting players muscle to the fore. While aiming at the bleak comedic notes struck most recently by Calvary and In Bruges. Cold Pursuit doesn't quite hit all the notes. With some noticeable CGI backgrounds and a few scenes that feel phoned in, Cold Pursuit is a few snowdrifts away from a full avalanche.

I was lucky enough to see the Flicks preview of this movie.

This is the best black comedy I've seen in a long time. Liam Neeson doesn't disappoint and the gangsters do a great job of being gangsters.

I laughed so much that I had a sore face for a few hours afterwards. We will be watching this again soon, it was that good.

Don't take it too seriously and have fun.


I wasn't sure what to expect going into the movie and had no expectations. It starts as a very low key, almost dark arty movie with lots of snow billowing around in desolate snowy mountains, a quaint wee wooden house all by itself and a snow plough. There's not much dialogue to begin with. Nels is a man of few words, and shuns the limelight. The fun begins in the morgue scene. Elevating bodies is a recurring theme. Nels is spurred into action after he talks to his son's coworker. Then... More the body count really starts. One thing I must do is count the bodies next time I watch this. This is like an intentionally funny version of the Taken movies. Some great characters and actors. Warning, for snowflakes, it's a bloody movie. Tho the scenery with the snowplough and billowing snow is almost arty and surreal. It also has what may be the first snow plough chase in a movie. No doubt a movie buff will know. Watch it.Hide

BY wwimsett nobody

Very clever, thoroughly enjoyed it, pretty gross scenes but so much humour along the way.

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The Press Reviews

  • Most revenge thrillers have an element of the absurd inherent in the nameless thugs who get mowed down. Cold Pursuit just has the bravado to lean into the absurdity. Full Review

  • Offers ample violence but is not another post-Taken piece of grim vigilante wish-fulfillment. Full Review

  • By pumping up the darkly comedic undertones, augmenting the frigid chill of the original, Moland's terrific, riveting picture distinguishes itself from other rote remakes. Full Review

  • Neeson’s knees hold up in an oddball thriller that’s more interested in smirks than smashing things to smithereens. Full Review

  • It's this straight comedic approach that's key to making Cold Pursuit such fun - vicious, barbaric fun. Full Review

  • Cold Pursuit isn't without its charms. Emmy Rossum's (TV's Shameless) enthusiastic rookie cop is a hoot, there's a touching scene involving a snow plough catalogue as bedtime reading and a killer one-liner uttered by a flustered luxury hotel receptionist. Full Review

  • The thirst for revenge, in movies as in life, almost necessarily involves the dehumanisation of its target. And if the movie itself is best taken as a joke, it's a very bad dad joke. Full Review

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