Children Of Men

Children Of Men


Clive Owen is the reluctant protagonist in a grim near-future where no children have been born for many years. Directed by Alfonso Cuaron.... More

Set in a dystopian London, year 2027, the world is on the brink of collapse because no children have been born for 18 years (an occurance science can't explain). Following the miraculous discovery of a pregnant woman, London office worker Theo (Owen) is coaxed into protecting her by a politically radical ex-girlfriend. They attempt to escort the woman to a sanctuary at sea where her child's birth may help scientists save mankind. Soon though, Theo finds his life in danger from both government and revolutionaries.Hide

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Reviewed by Beatrix Coles.

Although I am a (technical) adult who loves Harry Potter, I get a bit sick of adults jumping all over this particular bandwagon. Don’t even get me started on the re-printing of Harry Potter with ‘adult-friendly’ covers. I’m going to assume that your overly critical friends can still read, and will twig as to what you’re holding. So, in light of giving Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix fair due, I’ve enlisted a child. Review as follows (spoilers edited):

“Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

By Eimhin Hoey, aged 10

I thought this latest Harry Potter film was the best yet and definitely THE movie of 2007. The movie had amazing special effects, for example when Dumbledore (spoiler removed), I thought that was really well done.

The script brought out the character’s roles and personalities in the film- by this I mean that the story was very much like the book and was easy to follow and understand.

The direction was fantastic. I thought that the director had a keen eye for detail and perfected the little things that made the movie so enjoyable. The way he finished certain scenes really well- you were always thinking “what’s coming up next and what’s going to happen now” like the end of the scene where (spoiler removed).


And I think Eimhin’s hit the nail on the head- this film is really well done. For his first Potter foray, director David Yates has taken a firm hand, and it works very well. Yates, who is best known for British television drama- and in particular his love of Ken Loach- seems a surprising choice for the franchise. But then, they’ve always been prone to shock, such as handing over Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban to Alfonso Cuaron.

Complaints? Well, I’d like Sirius Black to be that much more dashing, but it seems unfair to hold a children’s film responsible for certain personal issues of mine. And Gary Oldman is very good. I’d just maybe like him to have worn a cape. The middle section of the film does feel long, but I really think they’ve done well to keep this one so roundly under three hours.

And, without gushing, the acting is fantastic. Watching it you get a sense of how much fun they’re all having. Not to say that it isn’t serious business, but you do come away thinking just how good it must have been to be involved with. The new girl Luna Lovegood, played by Evanna Lynch is a real treat. It must be hellishly scary to step up into a franchise like this, but she’s a scene stealer. And of the adults, Imelda Staunton is the standout as Dolores Umbridge. Fantastic.

The other stars of the film are the special effects. They are never allowed to swamp the action (every other film this year, please take note). And the action rolls on solidly throughout the piece. Frankly, I could have watched more. Yates is signed on for the next film already, which is a great move.

And yes, Harry’s a little angsty and annoying at times. At least he’s acting his age. Adults, take note.

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BY Adrianne lister

This is one of my fave movies! Anyone who likes a bit of drama, tad of sci-fi, little bit thriller definitely recommend this one!!!

A chase movie... maybe an intelligent chase move, but a chase movie. A bloody ripper it was too. Just hand on to your seats, take a deep breath and go.


sort-of enjoyed it. The director didn't really manage to drag me emotionally along for the ride, I felt that I was more a spectator wondering just what else could possibly go wrong for Clive Owen next. Julianna Moore just doesn't do anything for me as an actress, and this role certainly didn't change my mind. I just couldn't really 'get into' the story or the characters as much as I would have liked.

The 'war' scenes towards the end were grimly reaslistic (as far as i know) and... More while I love war-as-hell kind of movies the whole thing just left me feeling grubby and slightly depressed.

However you can't knock the films realistic portail of London and the UK in its imagined future. Having lived in London for 6 years I really enjoyed seeing the decayed future version, very well done. The violence and gunplay is more Tarantino than John Woo, which is a good thing, although as I mentioned above realistic violence on this scale tends to leave me wanting to see something lighthearted afterwards, or possibly have a shower.

So IMHO watchable, interesting, but not really an enjoyable movie experience. The style of the movie reminded me of 28 Days Later, not a lot of glossy post-production work going on here, with the predominant pallet being blues and blacks, cold rather than warm. Still, the movie should leave your brain engaged for a bit longer than 'Borat'.Hide

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  • BBC

    A scene where guns are silenced by the sound of a crying baby cuts straight to the heart of the matter and lingers afterwards. Like the film on the whole, the surrounding noise can be distracting, but there are deeper truths that strike a chord... Full Review

  • A visually stunning Swiftian satire, Children Of Men may appear clumsy, but its message is simple, heartfelt and ultimately rather moving... Full Review

  • Owen's compelling performance combined with Cuaron's inspired sense of doom makes Children of Men thought-provoking at a time when science fact is doing the job that science fiction once did at the movies... Full Review

  • An often grippingly realized portrait of a not-so-futuristic Blighty in which fascism and infertility have become uneasy bed partners, Alfonso Cuaron's "Children of Men" is a fine but flawed exercise in dystopia. Much more effective when it's a down-and-dirty actioner than when trying to grapple with the multitude of personal and political issues raised, pic suffers from Clive Owen's cold lead playing but gains some heart and soul from a kudosworthy, wonderfully eccentric performance by Michael Caine... Full Review