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BY PercyM superstar

You will Marvel at it's heartfelt characters, feel-good tale and (most of its) visuals and action soon as she fires up.

But a solid origin story, with charm and heart. Action directing was average, and would have loved a bit more of a "Top Gun" vibe in the aerial action. But enjoyable, and I'm sure very inspiring for younger viewers.

BY amydaisy superstar

This film had some surprisingly great comedic moments, and Larson & Jackson's chemistry was lovely to watch. I think any marvel fan will enjoy this but especially females that finally get to see a film centered around a female character .
Also some really great 90's throwbacks/references.

A good, not great, entry into the Marvel Universe. Some decent comedic moments lift what is otherwise a pretty generic origin story. Film-goers will be rewarded with a neat Endgame tie-in. Let's just hope Brie Larson's Captain Marvel can establish herself as something more unique in coming entries.