Captain America: The First Avenger

Review: Captain America: The First Avenger

27 Jan 12

America, f**k yeah!

It's too short, rushed, squeezed in to too tight a run time to please middle American audiences - but, it's undeniably fun. Pitched right in the family film market - Joe Johnston (director of the awful 'The Wolfman' and less awful 'Jurassic Park 3') delivers a film owing lots to his mate Spielberg's "Indiana Jones" - and aside from a dumb-ass villain (a red faced camp-as a row of tents Hugo Weaving)and titchy run time, it's great no-brainer fun. Chris Evans is good - and the special effects that make him titchy then hugey are cool and it's fun to see Tommy Lee Jones being, er, Tommy Lee Jones. And the ending? Okay - as a fan of THE AVENGERS graphic novels this left me and my 5 year old desperate for mid-2012! 3 stars - but 4 if the DVD adds a much needed 40 minutes :)