Captain America 3D: Civil War

Review: Captain America 3D: Civil War

05 May 16

Captain Avengers:Holding Punches

Captain America:Civil War
Wow, what a fight, almost continuously, like at conflict with someone or something. Takes a step up from Avengers and Ironman/Captain America in story line and content. Gave some more insights to back stories/origins, and ’new’ characters introduced. I really enjoyed it and thoroughly encourage you to watch it. Even Kevin Smith who is an avid DC fan, said it was “..the best greatest comic book movie ever made…”. I mostly agree with this fellow, mash up of “Captain America”, “G.I Joe”, “James Bond:Spectre” and “Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom". Collects some info from previous Marvel (& other) films, starts making groups and tying them together in the same universe.
Genre : Marvel, graphic novel to big screen, action, adventure, superhero, action, etc
4/5 : the film was great, but some of the action scenes were jumpy, possibly just the 3D but it was in iMax so I’m putting it down to the film, and just didn’t quite tick all my boxes.