Brigsby Bear

Review: Brigsby Bear

By Vavoon
26 Oct 17

Where nostalgia and imagination combine to make movie magic.

When a young man, James (Kyle Mooney) is integrated into today's modern world after living his entire life in isolation apart from kooky couple Ted (Mark Hamill) and April (Jane Adams), the only thing that keeps his transition manageable is his stimulation by, and attachment to a kids TV show called Brigsby Bear Adventures. Made weekly, educational and entertaining, the Brigsby Bear Adventures series characters are acted and voiced mainly by Ted, and the Smiles Sisters: Arielle, (whom James has a crush on), and Nina - hilariously played by the same girl, thrown together in some fun but budget costumes and sets with a distinct 80's feel.

When James tries to assimilate with a new family and a new world, his only point of reference is Brigsby, and he is astonished to discover he was it's only viewer and number one fan. In an effort to share his epic and intense devotion to Brigsby with the world, but encountering much resistance, he eventually manages to form some surprising allies. With his naive candour and enthusiastic immersion in the creative process you can't help but fall in love with James as he connects and unites people in his own refreshingly honest way.

Unique, inspirational and funny!