Brigsby Bear

Review: Brigsby Bear

26 Oct 17

Not sure what all the fuss is about...

I am beginning to wonder if there might be something I am missing about Brigsby Bear. Having had no preconceived notion of what sort of film I was gong to see I now discover a torrent of laudatory reviews for a film which largely left me unmoved. The premise is a deceptively simple one - boy gets abducted as a baby - is brought up by isolationist parents and early in the movie is rescued by Police. His life in captivity revolved around a cartoon character and the rest of the film explores his self-imposed task of completing the unfinished story of said Character, Brigbsy Bear.. The major problem for me is that I never once felt any empathy with the central character James, played by an actor with whom I am not familiar - Kyle Mooney. Frankly I didn’t care whether or not he succeeded in his endeavour. An early appearance by a familiar face did make me wonder if this might be a 'Luke Skywalker goes bad’
sort of film but it transpired that Mark Hamill's character - the kidnapping father- really only went along with what his wife wanted. Don’t we all. Greg Kinnear as a sympathetic Detective and Jorge Lendeborg Junior as James’ first real friend and film making cohort were, for me, the two characters who saved this film for being completely moribund. The rest of the cast did not move me either way. But there were a lot of laughs coming from the preview audience so perhaps the real loser in all of this is me.