Brigsby Bear

Review: Brigsby Bear

26 Oct 17

Best movie for Best Korea

Hollywood thinks you need conflict. It thinks you need it so bad that soft, glisteningly predictable lumps of conflict will come down the foreshadowing their way down a conveyor shovelling plot down your maw in virtually every movie.

Brigsby Bear deliberately sets course for a dozen different easy conflict setups and then deftly turns at the last minute. Everything always works out. From not getting the snot kicked out of him at a party to the good cop/bad cop duo turning out to actually just being a couple of good cops this movie satisfyingly resolves everything in the nicest way possible. The main character has an inner peace shared by the movie itself, an infectious thing that will make other movies taste bad. Little by little we learn that awkward and different is not just OK but kind of special too. Life would be like that, if only we'd let it. Let all our experiences be good and our problems small and fleeting.