Review: Bombshell

02 Feb 20

"Ready to go to war?" Not exactly.

Bombshell by Jay Roach and Charles Randolph, starring Charlize Theron, Nicole Kidman and Margot Robbie is...alright, it's okay.

Arguably the best aspect of the film are the performances. Theron absolutely shines in the movie with her portrayal of Megyn Kelly which carries the whole movie. It's very worth mentioning that Margot Robbie is also great as Kayla.

Nicole Kidman's performance however, felt rather held back. And that's probably the biggest (and most talked about) issue of this movie. It's very held back and instead substitutes for dramatisation and suspense. It's not a completely terrible decision, there are some scenes which benefited from the drama and suspense. However, it just didn't feel completely appropriate for a film that's supposed to be 'revealing'.

Another flaw I had with the movie was the lack of any real connection with any of the characters. The main characters (Megyn, Gretchen and Kayla) had little time to properly build a connection between them and the audience. There are moments where you sympathise with the characters and their experiences, but the film doesn't actually build on any of it. And not to mention that other than them, the rest of the characters just feel like complete extras in the background of a film. That's probably how I feel about this movie. Just being an observer, witnessing this 'big' revelation happening but just waiting to get to the point.

Bombshell has got a few things going for it. But with a flawed approach, it (unfortunately) doesn't really explode...if not at all.