Review: Bombshell

By Whitus
15 Jan 20

Once a Bombshell- not anymore?

Did all this happen less than four years ago? While newsworthy at the time (even in NZ!) this story has been eclipsed by further numerous stories that continue to remind us all that all is not well in our capitalist world- be it the media or Hollywood or the legal profession.
So...nice to be reminded in uncomfortable but necessary detail about the culture at Fox News and the angst for mostly all of the staff that worked there. Great story, great acting and lots to digest and discuss later. The despicable Roger Aisles was humanised appropriately- Megyn Kelly was genuinely characterised through a great performance by Theron and the doco format worked well in keeping us on track. Nice that the President was ‘covered’ but the film makers rightly decided not to include a lot of content on that particular sideshow...
The bumbling Murdoch cameos were probably necessary but detracted a little. The dry and often unexpected humour kept us from completely immersing ourselves in the despair of what was unfolding and what realistically we know happens way too often in most work places. Very enjoyable 2 hours!