Bitter Harvest

Review: Bitter Harvest

By verat
27 Feb 17


I found this movie more than just a love story. They used the love story to reach me and possibly many others. No one walked out of the movie theatre when it was played. There was dead silence,. It seemed to shock all those that saw it. I knew the story because my mother who was a child victim of this atrocity. She was ukrainiane and was 7 years old starving herself and found her mother dead and then becoming an orphan herself. People wonder why this story is only now being told. The answer is simple.: FEAR. fear for themselves and reprisals for their family. That is how they were controlled. Stalin had employed a "police force" of THUGS to implement his strategy .....these men were criminals themselves and had no conscience. Most of the Ukrainian villagers were helpless and defenceless against these thugs. They were not educated to defend themselves against machine guns and rifles. This message to keep quiet about what happened continued right thru the communist occupation of Ukraine until 1991. A complete generation was raised to be complacent and quiet about what happened and the continued repression under communist rule. I have read some of the critics reviews and really cant believe that they missed the most important fact. The inhumane annihilation of the people of certain areas in south east ukraine between 7 and 20 million in fact. They missed the suffering and pain that these people must have felt - all because of their belief: "that this was just a simple love story". These critics discounted this atrocity. This attrocity must come to light because the Ukrainians need to be vindicated and this MUDER OF INNOCENT PEOPLE MUST BE ACKNKOWLEDGE BY THE WORLD SO THAT HEALING WILL TAKE PLACE in ukraine and by the future generations of the families of the survivors of this DISGUSTING ATTROCITY. I know what the producers were portraying and why AND THE CYNICS HAVE LOST THEIR ABILITY TO FEEL FOR OTHERS IF THEY CANNOT FEEL THE PAIN OF THIS BEAUTIFUL MOVIE.