Review: Beowulf

By Robert
30 Nov 07

3D or not 3D

After some confusion last night went to Sylvia Park and saw BEOWULF in 3D. Half of us went there and half to the competition at Queen St (since we hadn't twigged there were two 3Ds going on).
We've since discussed as a group today. Hoyts movie was OK, 3D effects were amazing, but it's in a pokey little cinema and they didn't even use the full screen! Since there's NOTHING else on at the moment why weren't we in a bigger screen! Having made this comment to those who went to the Queen St screening, theres was IMAX and filled the whole screen. I don't know what the deal is with the difference between IMAX and digital 3D, but those of us that saw digital feel a bit cheated. Film however was great, 3D very impressive. If anyone can explain the tiny picture (is all digital like this? if yes, what's the fuss about?) please post here?