Beowulf & Grendel

Beowulf & Grendel


A medieval adventure, based on the 1000 year old Anglo-Saxon poem Beowulf. It tells the tale of a Viking hero's battle against Grendel, a murderous troll who is terrorising the village of the Danish King Hrothgar. Beowulf's determination to aid his kin falters as it becomes clear to him that the King carries the responsibility for the Troll's bloody rages. This film reveals what happens when mercy, vengeance and loyalty collide, stripping away the hero-myth in a beer-soaked story.

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BY Daniel grader

really enjoyed it must see!

BY Robert grader

What a fantastically MAD film. Beautiful scenery, engaging, funny (sometimes unintentionally), and action-packed - we're still talking about it the next morning. Although it's being compared to Lord of the Rings in some places, including the bizarre number of fan sites, it's not really a sensible comparison. Unless you're comparing it LOTR on a low budget or possibly LOTR on the drug of your choice. Oh, and GO ICELAND!

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  • A muscular, ardently naturalistic retelling of the ninth-century Anglo-Saxon saga... Full Review

  • Gunnarsson's film ultimately lacks the grandeur and wit necessary to make the legend fully come alive. Still, the film does offer certain kicks to those who like their action films infused with fantastical elements and benefits greatly from its highly effective lead performances... Full Review

  • The accents, the dialogue and the ribald tone is all over the place in this Icelandic production of cosmopolitan cast. Think Monty Python meets The Lord of the Rings somewhere cold, coastal and scenic - in this case the wilds of Iceland which, visually, more than make up for a fantasy film eschewing computer effects or decent makeup for its lead hairy beastie... Full Review

  • With all the mystery and meaning sucked from the story, the filmmakers do what filmmakers often do when faced with their own lack of imagination: they toss a little sex in with the violence... Full Review

  • Icelandic-shot version of the legendary revenge saga is visually arresting and plausibly retrofitted for modern consumption, but lacks the savage bite that might have given the sixth century-set tale real impact... Full Review