Becoming Jane

Becoming Jane


A biographical portrait of a young Jane Austen (Anne Hathaway) and her romance with a dashing young Irishman (James McAvoy). Follows the revered author as she embarks on a Darcy-esque love that would motivated her classic novels. 

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A pleasant and refreshing change from the usual tripe that plays on Cinema screens. Well-acted and scripted, leaving one in no doubt as to the hard work that went into such a magnificent tour-de-force, as this is. Sad moments, such as the love of Cassandra Austen's life - Robert - dying of Yellow Fever; Jane bidding goodbye to the love of her life. Lighter moments; especially on the Social scene, with Dancing, and reading from her own Book "Pride and Prejudice", to the eldest daughter of... More her lost love, who was also named Jane.

Was this Movie too long ? No, not at all.

I will confess that I have never read a Jane Austen Novel to date. Yet, this Movie put English Class system of the century involved, right into the spotlight. Snobbery and poncery are shown up.

But, by far, the simpleness of love and being needed, shines on through. Above all of the stuffed-shirtery that has been so prevalent in those days.Hide

I really wanted to like it - but this has been highly overrated by critics... frankly it's boring. Maybe a Sunday-afternooner-on-DVD.

I went with my two sisters to this flick and none of us were disappointed.

I normally don't like Anne Hathaway but she did a really good job as Jane Austen which helped me warm to the film. It was interesting to find a bit of background about the woman who penned the classics I've read and loved.

I found the story itself to be quite sad but perhaps that explains why Jane's characters always got their happy ending... she never did.

Great acting and a good story.

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  • BBC

    A decision to elope doesn't ring true, instead feeling like a gauche attempt to inject urgency. This toing-and-froing also means there's little time left for the tribulations Austen faced as a female writer straining against the boundaries of Regency society. Austenophiles may turn their noses up at some of the liberties taken, but thanks to the combined charm of the leads, this remains a most agreeable cinematic portrait... Full Review

  • A charming and at times intriguing biopic, given extra weight by attractive performances from its superior cast, especially McAvoy and Hathaway... Full Review

  • 1/2 While I can certainly see the appeal of her characters, and the comforting nature of her stories outcomes, I just don't really find much to sink my teeth into. So a lacklustre movie about the author, rather inaccurately painting her as one of her own characters, was never going to float my boat... Full Review