Be Kind Rewind

Review: Be Kind Rewind

By Bonux
10 Nov 08


Another gem from Michel Gondry, and what a cast! I bought the DVD and as usual with Gondry there are some pretty good extras in it. We discover Mos Def as a pretty decent jazz singer in Paris with Gondry at the drums for instance. About the movie? Gondry is a craftman working his magic, anyone willing to become a movie maker should watch this. It is simple, immensely creative, crazy sometimes but humanist... and funny. The remake of Ghostbusters is hilarious like the rest of the movie. I felt like a kid watching a puppeteer in action. People (like myself) always complain about so many bad movies invading our screens, well maybe some theatres should dare to encourage this particular type of cinema. From the last three Gondry (Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind and The Silence of Sleep) Be Kind Rewind is the most accessible to a larger audience.