Batman: Assault on Arkham

Batman: Assault on Arkham

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Straight to video/on-demand DC animated feature, inspired by the Arkham video games. Batman (voiced by Kevin Conroy) joins forces with the Suicide Squad - a criminal syndicate of supervillains - to foil a bomb plot by the Joker (Troy Baker). From the directors of previous Batman/DC animations The Dark Knight Returns and Son of Batman.

2014Rating: M75 minsUSA
Jay Oliva ('Justice League: War', 'Batman: The Dark Knight Returns')Ethan Spaulding ('Son of Batman')
Heath Corson
Kevin ConroyNeal McDonoughHynden WalchMatthew Gray GublerTroy Baker

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Aimed squarely at hard-core comics fans (and given the carnage and implied sex, clearly not intended for bat-tykes).

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Their [Suicide Squad] fun interactions and clashing character dynamics keep the energy levels high.

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Batman: Assault on Arkham is available to stream in Australia now on Google Play and Apple TV and Prime Video Store.