Arthur Christmas

Arthur Christmas


British animated Christmas comedy from Aardman Animation (Wallace and GromitFlushed Away), featuring an all-star British cast including James McAvoy and Jim Broadbent, following the Claus family and their ultra-high-tech present delivery operation.... More

McAvoy voices Arthur, the son of Santa Claus (Jim Broadbent) and Mrs Claus (Imelda Staunton), and brother of Steve (Hugh Laurie). Together the family run the North Pole's Christmas strategy, allowing Santa to deliver gifts to all the world's children in one night.

Also stars the voice talent of Bill Nighy - as 136-year-old Grandsanta, a curmudgeon who hates the modern world and thinks things were better when he delivered the presents - and Ashley Jensen (from TV's Extras), as ambitious elf Bryony from the Giftwrap Battalion. From the writer of Borat and I'm Alan Partridge.Hide

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Let’s face it, last year’s excellent Finnish action-comedy Rare Exports apart, Christmas movies have been something to dread for sometime now. From the garish ‘family’ comedies Jingle All the Way and Deck the Halls to the dead-eyed horrors of The Polar Express and the laughter-free zones that were Four Holidays and Fred Claus, Hollywood’s holiday offerings have been less than joyful or triumphant. Thank little baby Jesus then for Aardman, whose latest computer-animated offering (think Flushed Away rather than Wallace and Gromit) refreshes the old son of Santa storyline with both wit and aplomb.... More

As we’ve come to expect from the brilliant Bristol-based animation experts, the visuals are crisp and clean with an attention to detail that’s both breathtaking and rewarding for those who like to scan the full frame (and these are guys who have never met a visual pun they didn’t like).

Likewise, the script is jam-packed full of zingers and action – the opening Operation Santa montage a particular highlight – while eagle-eared audience-members will catch the cues which homage much-loved blockbusters like Harry Potter and Superman amongst Harry Gregson-Williams’s excellent score.

Amongst a universally impressive vocal cast, Bill Nighy threatens to steal the show as the cantankerous and crafty Grandsanta in a thoroughly entertaining movie that deserves to sleigh audiences both young and old this Yuletide.Hide

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Another brilliant animation from the Brits. Predominately aimed at a young child demographic but there is something for the whole family in this masterpiece.

The film focuses on the importance of making children feel special at christmas and the utter calamity that would befall mankind if santa and his elfs failed to do this for each and everyone of the 2 billion children on earth.

Some sublime moments as partialy senile grandaddy santa fires up the old sleigh and reindeer delivery system for... More one last hurrah to deliver a bike to a young girl in Cornwall via Africa and Cuba.Hide

BY CSBright superstar

there was to much drama there wasint much going on it was quit boring to be honest good for under 10 i hated it

I went to the preview and it is a lovely movie for all ages.

BY RealityCheck superstar

As with most other Aardman pictures this is a must see for children and those of us that really enjoy a little child-like flick. It has all the hallmarks of being a Christmas favour, givne the time of year, and getting mostly rave reviews. A few little odd bits (keep your eyes open) from other Aardman projects. Thoroughly enjoyable and everyone does matter to Santa :-)
Genre : PG children, family, animated, over-coming yourself, becoming better
4/5 : as always, just what you expect from... More Aardman productionsHide

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  • There are plenty of ho-ho-hos here, but there’s definitely something missing, and we don’t just mean the plasticine. Full Review

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