Review: Arrietty

29 Aug 11

Not Ghibli's best, but very beautiful

While it may appear the complexity and depth of storytelling has been streamlined in favour of appealing to a wider, and younger audience, it would be ignorant to dismiss this as a lesser movie. The adaptation of The Borrowers seems perfectly fitted with the Ghibli brand, and the level of animation is beautifully rich in detail and the story magically creative for both young and old. Marrying together their style with the story to craft a delightfully charming, heartwarming and imaginative tale which at times seems to simple and effortless, it is this level of storytelling which is hard to replicate. And while it merely touched upon the usual Ghibli themes of loss and human impact on the natural environment, it was still a moving tale with plenty of heart and a few laughs. So while I still long for the impact of the likes of Princess Mononoke, Spirited Away or Howl's Moving Castle, this was certainly a step back in the right direction after the rather messy Ponyo.