Are We Officially Dating?

Review: Are We Officially Dating?

16 Feb 14

Predictable yet funny Zac Efron Rom-Com

Whilst it would be very easy to rip this movie to shreds (many so-called 'critics' already have), this is a romantic comedy which I found passed my six-laugh test, had appealing leads and kept my attention for it's relatively short running length.

Zac Efron oozes screen presence and charisma, and despite his knockers, ably leads this talented young cast in a humorous look at the lives of three young guys in New York and their misguided search for love, sex and magic.

Yes, it's predictable. No, it won't be winning any awards. Yes, there are much better romantic comedies...

But as a 21-year old guy out for a night at the movies, I found it relatable in parts, relevant and, most importantly, a good laugh. And frankly, why bother rubbishing the poor parts when the bottom line is I enjoyed the movie and would happily recommend it to my mates?

Best Scene: The party, when they are in the bathroom (no spoilers but it's very, very funny!)

Worst Part: Knowing from the first twenty minutes exactly how the movie is end. Original and unpredictable this most certainly ain't, but it's fun seeing how they end up where you know they are going.