Annie Hall

Annie Hall


A nervous romance.

Woody Allen's classic comedy drama, winner of four Oscars (including Best Picture). Alvy Singer (Allen), is a Manhattan comedian, but when it comes to romance, his delivery needs a little work. Introduced by his best friend, Rob (Tony Roberts), to the ditzy but delightful nightclub singer, Annie Hall (Diane Keaton), Alvy falls head over heels. But when his own insecurities sabotage the affair, Annie leave for a new life - and lover (Paul Simon) - in Los Angeles.

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Deserving of its classic status, ANNIE HALL is a lot of things - from beautifully shot, wonderfully acted, and superby scripted and brilliantly directed - but above all it's still darn funny after all these years. Superb and, as Woody Allen's character, Alvy, says of sex with Annie (Diane Keaton) it's "the most fun I've ever had without laughing" - only I'm still laughing just recalling a young Christopher Walken as Keaton's crazy brother :)

Annie: "It's so clean out here [in... More California]"

Alvy: "That's because they don't throw their garbage away, they turn it into television shows.Hide

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