American Made

Review: American Made

05 Sep 17

Tom Cruise is back in business

Director Doug Liman is having almost too much fun here, using every directorial trick in his considerable arsenal to keep American Made sparking along for as long as possible. Even so, the film would disperse like so much vapour in the wind if not for an in-form Tom Cruise – his terrific performance can’t quite get the movie all the way to the finish line (it runs out of puff about fifteen minutes before the end), but it’s not through the lack of effort. Aside from that slight dip at the end, American Made is a tremendously fun ride, and if the plethora of jaw-dropping, true-to-life details can’t quite disguise the fact that you’ve seen this type of rise-and-fall cautionary tale many times before, Liman and Cruise’s unflagging energy keeps the enjoyment factor high. The Mummy already seems like a distant memory.