About Cherry

About Cherry

About Cherry

An 18-year-old girl (Ashley Hinshaw) moves to San Francisco where she is introduced to the pornography industry. This insider's view of the industry is written and directed by a former sex worker. Co-stars Dev Patel, James Franco and Heather Graham.

Angelina (Hinshaw) is on the verge of finishing high school when she runs off with best friend (Patel) to San Francisco, away from her alcoholic mother and violent step-father. There, cocktailing in a strip club, she meets Frances (Franco) a well-off lawyer who offers to introduce her to a world of expensive dresses and fancy parties. At the same time Angelina, using the moniker Cherry, has begun exploring the San Francisco porn industry under the direction of Margaret (Graham), an actress turned adult film director.

2012102 minsUSA

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