A Wrinkle In Time KiwiDiva'S REVIEW

So. Much. Glitter...

BY KiwiDiva nobody

What a beautiful movie this is! If you have daughters or granddaughters - take them to see it! The messages within the film of empowerment, courage, critical thinking and love are so important in this age of young girls growing up with bullying and body shaming. It shows a young coloured girl that is smart and good at maths and science but is still finding herself and learning to love who she is.

It was partially filmed here in New Zealand! Aotearoa = Uriel!

Ava Duvernay directs and with stars Reese Witherspoon, Mindy Kaling and Oprah, they are the four goddesses that have come together at this time to tell this story.

The soundtrack is fabulous- featuring some of my fave female artists like Sade, Sia & Kehlani.

Mrs Who speaks only in quotes - including some awesome ones from Khalil Gibran, Rumi, Buddha, OutKast, Shakespeare and Lin Manuel Miranda.

It's an amazing book and a gorgeous movie and OMG there is so much glitter! Take your kids to see it these school holidays!