A Quiet Place

Review: A Quiet Place

By Barny
07 Apr 18

Shush please.

"Ugh why did I get popcorn when I really should have got some chips?!" these were the first words out of the mouth-breather to his bro squad who had all just sat down behind me during the previews. After another minute of their meathead banter I decided it would be less ugly if I just got up and found another seat down the back (I usually end up switching seats 3 times before a film starts)

A Quite Place doesn't mess around. In the opening scene the table is set: scary monsters have taken over the world and are killing everyone, bummer. They may be blind but hunt aided by their scary ear thingys. So if you talk too loud, use cellphones or chew popcorn insistently, I will shush you - or get up and change seats and...um, where was I?
For a movie that's prominently dialogue free - the characters communicate with sign language - it is incredibly engaging as we follow the survival of a small family with another on the way. The soundproof nursery and method for keeping baby quite during the night is ingenious and will no doubt lead to copy-cat mishaps. Visually, the film is a knockout and thick with atmosphere and while I often find jump scares to be a cheap trick the inevitable moments that come in a film that's mostly quite, were logical, clever and got me reeeal good a couple of times.

Let's talk about the sound design. It was flippin' awesome, I never thought the noise of someone being ripped apart off screen could be so harrowing.

Howwwwwever A Quite Place didn't spook me the way The Witch or It Follows did, The suspense isn't really scary, instead we're treated to grim foreboding and escalating squirmy dread as the characters who for the most part have good heads on their shoulders (while they do) end up knocking over loud objects and stubbing toes.
I was into it though, and so was everyone else. I forgot about shushing anyone as the whole theatre broke into moments of collective "Oh Nose!" and frightened whispering time and time again.
Which made it all good fun. And that's what a horror movie should be.