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BY desoi grader

I quickly lost any interest in the fate and pretentious musings of all of the shallow, insipid, self-obsessed characters. Tilda Swinton was not good and was very unconvincing as a rock diva - the flashbacks were cringe worthy. Only one character dies which was a big shame as the rest were just wasting space.

BY dsmartin wannabe

Way too slow in getting where it was going. Maybe a little undeveloped - did leave you wondering about some of the background stories of the characters. Also, a few unanswered questions during the film which I guess added a little mystery and left you wondering. Thanks for the opportunity to see this and definitely not sorry we went.

BY MI grader

Enjoyed the film, wouldn't be what I normally go to but loved the opportunity to see something I wouldn't normally pick. Agree with some of the comments around pacing but have reflected on it since several times since, which is always a mark of a good film.

A wonderful emotional rollercoaster

BY MelChoo nobody

While A Bigger Splash does end up delivering in the psychological drama department, it takes far too long to get there

BY rweeks superstar

Featuring a beautiful location and beautiful stars (Swinton and Schoenaerts) the film is too melodramatic and tries too hard to be deep and profound.

BY T-V-Chan grader

The Verdict : Yum Ralph Fiennes. Very art-housey, but ....wayyyy....tooo.....slow...moving.
Well-crafted, great detail, however meandered quite a bit and only picked up suspense in last half hour.
Redeeming feature was the music score.
In a misguided quest perhaps to be a forerunner in flipping the tables and getting away from the female nudity scenes, this errs too much on the flip side and ends up with too many (in my opinion) gratuitous views of male nudity.

BY Bruiser grader

Having seen 'I Am Love' a few years back I knew what to expect from Luca Guadagnino and he didn't disapoint. There's a term loosely thrown around the film festivals and that term is 'art wank' with lingering pointless scenes, jolting jump cuts and unusual use of the zoom lens, the film dragged out almost an hour too long for the sake of the director's fetishes. Am I being too harsh? You're a Swinton fan perhaps? It'll appeal to a small minority but leave others wondering why they paid for... More parking.Hide

Great Italian scenery and Ralph Fiennes was a good watch. Bit too long though I see a sequel coming soon.

BY sneh wannabe

The movie could have been shorter.

BY shaleens nobody

Was an interesting film. Not something that i would go for normally however had a story that left you quite involved and invested in all the characters. The filming locations were beautiful.

BY d nobody

better than expected!
wouldnt normally watch this kind of movie but was good.

fair bit of twigs and berries and boobs as well

When the best thing you can say about a film is that the costumes were great, then you wonder why you are watching at all.

To be fair my expectations were not high. I went because my partner wanted to (He quite liked the film), and ended up sitting through 2 hours of utter drivel parading itself as art.

God knows why most of the cast got involved in this mess, Maybe there is a great directors cut somewhere, but I doubt it.

Maybe it European sensibilities are lost on my. I'd rather the film... More was just lost.

Thanks for the chance to watch it for free though :)Hide

Beautiful photography - I just want to go to Italy now - a beautiful setting! I hadn't heard much about this movie before I went - so not really au fait with the story line. I thought Fassbender was A-mazing. Tilda Swinton, not having a lot of speaking parts, got her messages across just fine. Dakota Johnson was a surprise - I enjoyed the character she played. Made me go home to read up more about the story line etc.

BY SmashTheTV superstar

Ralph Fiennes was fantastic as was all the cast really. Full of sexual tension and beautiful Italian landscapes.

The biggest problem with the film is that it dragged on to much after the climax.

This was definitely a movie which will polarise, some people will love it, others will not. Personally, I liked it, the characters were well developed and the story was intriguing. I thought that Ralph Fiennes and Tilda Swinton were fabulous in this movie.

BY dianas01 nobody

Rate the movie 1. liked the venue

BY Ben-Choo grader

Ralph Fiennes delivers a fantastic performance but A Bigger Splash does have some pacing issues. It delivers as a psychological drama but takes a bit of time to get there. It focusses on the unspoken which adds to the tension and is overall a satisfying if mildly satisfying watch.