Review: 300

By Tray
16 May 07

Warrior Mentality

Who doesn't want to see their man fighting it out for His wife and country. Let alone 300 of them. Passionate, commited and with a purpose. This movie was all guts and bravado, fantasy with a smidgeon of historic reference. Which someone should have told me as I was expecting another 'Gladiator'. Once I figured out it was supposed to be a fantasy, (which wasnt til I saw the guy with the claws!) I could settle in, enjoy and ...lower my expectations.
That done, I loved it. Effects cool. Story not so much. Accents were distracting. Closed my eyes during the sex scenes but still caught the premise that, Yep, He sure does love His woman.
So all you gals out there...Go and see it. If only to see how a real man should act.