17 Again

Review: 17 Again

17 Apr 09


So we me and cousins went and watched the film with high spirits!
However, it seems that the spirits became much of a roller coster. Yeah there were really funny moments in the film, however there are a lot of boring inconsistent plot twists that didn't really help the story.

Now for what the film will be known for... besides having the over- acting 'Chandler' back on screen and the kinda funny Judd Apatows wife, even the little sister of the evil Vampire girl with the crazy blonde hair in Twilight are left in the dark... due to the hair, smile, fit body, cheesy grin, basketball skills and the breaking voice of ZAC EFRON.

You wonder to yourself that well since he has dropped out of his Footloose remake and says that he wants to be challenged why make a fifth film in where you are in a classroom again?
So 20 minutes into the film you notice that its just like the High School Musical trilogy without the songs!

One thing... good that he wants to step into older more complicated roles (I think he wants to win an Oscar, he did look pretty inspired while performing at the Academy Awards this year!?) however i will give it 2 maybe 3 films before he cuts a break! Looks like he does a ok job in Me and Orson Welles that is due for release latter on in 09 and Johnny Quest another family comedy where he stars besides Dwayne Johnson!

So its an okay film, expect it to beat the Hannah Montana film in the US in the box office and be straight to #1 in NZ!

I would give a "3 Stars" *** however, hearing almost the whole sea of girls sitting around me including my OLDER cousins sighing under their breath "I THINK IM IN LOVE" with the occasional "stuff edward, zac is so hot...."

poor Zac to think after three maybe more years he will have less than a 1/4 of the fans he has now.!