127 Hours

Review: 127 Hours

08 Mar 12

'Armless Entertainment...

Danny Boyle rarely disappoints. His films are, if not brilliant ('Trainspotting'), then at least bloody entertaining ('28 Days Later') or just plain interesting ('Sunshine.') '127 Hours,' the true story of US "free climber," Aron Ralston (James Franco), and his 127 hours spent trapped in a canyon, his arm wedged beneath a large rock, is beautifully shot, highly imaginative and edited with wit, verve and dynamism. Franco excels as the lead and introducing the real Ralston at the end is a neat touch. Not for the squeamish mind as, true to the real events, the protagonist does cut off his own arm with a blunt little penknife... For those who loved Sean Penn's 'Into The Wild' (and Franco is as good here as Emile Hirsch was in Penn's film), this is a must see. Better yet, Ralston is viewed not a hero per se - but as a bit of a vain arrogant young man who foolishly failed to tell anyone where he was going and ends up paying for his hubris - so it's tongue-in-cheek final on screen type is pretty fitting. Solidly entertaining - but don't go on a full stomach!