In Cinemas 22nd February 2019

One night only! 

Horror-thriller from Swedish filmmaker Jonas Åkerlund (Spun) that recounts the grisly beginning to the Norwegian black metal movement. Co-stars Rory Culkin.... More

"Based on an astonishingly true story, Lords of Chaos recounts the exploits of the Norwegian black metal movement’s most notorious band: Mayhem. Its founder, Øystein Aarseth, better known as Euronymous, was one of the originators of the annihilating metal guitar sound that burst onto the scene in the early ’90s. After the gruesome suicide of vocalist Per Yngve Ohlin, who performed under the pseudonym “Dead,” Euronymous used the opportunity to inject a mix of satanism, havoc, and murder into the music to sell more records. Bassist Varg Vikernes began to take Euronymous’s headline-grabbing talk too seriously and went on a spree of church burnings, forming a deadly rivalry between the two bandmates that culminated in an infamous and bloody end." (Sundance Film Festival)


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Hollywood Reporter

Lords of Chaos provokes both awe and repulsion, but not necessarily admiration for a musical form and subculture unwaveringly devoted to literalism, no matter how extreme.


Screen International

Despite the film's inherent shock value, Lords Of Chaos still manages to successfully mine the explosive psychology of adolescent angst - even if the horror movie aesthetics occasionally threatens to overwhelm proceedings.


Variety (USA)

Euronymous shaped the Norwegian Black Metal scene. You'd think that'd make him cool, but Åkerlund wisely doesn't buy it.



  • Horror, Music, Thriller, True Story & Biography
  • 112mins
  • Rating: R18+ High impact suicide scene and violence
  • Sweden, UK

Directed by Jonas Åkerlund ('Spun', 'Try', 'Polar')

Starring Emory Cohen, Rory Culkin, Jack Kilmer, Sky Ferreira, Valter Skarsgård