The Take podcast: Mark Ruffalo vs Mark Wahlberg + The Way Back

Who is the greater actor: Mark Ruffalo or Mark Wahlberg? It’s Mark versus Marky Mark in this week’s episode of The Take. Plus, we look at Ben Affleck’s new film The Way Back.

Episode breakdown

First up host Blake Howard and alum Travis Johnson discuss Ben Affleck’s career-best performance in The Way Back.

Then, to mark the release of Dark Waters (in cinemas now) and Spenser Confidential (out on Netflix), our weekly Duel of Takes debate is devoted to thrashing out who is the greater Mark: Wahlberg or Ruffalo.

Blake argues for Ruffalo while journalist and author Maria Lewis defends Marky Mark, with friend of the show Stu Coote playing Judge Stu-dy and adjudicating.

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Travis Johnson (follow Travis on Twitter)

Further reading

The Gambler (2014) review, by Blake Howard
The Way Back Will Make You Believe Ben Affleck’s Best Performances Are Yet to Come, by Alison Willmore


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