Talking serial killers and Gerard Butler on our podcast, The Take

The second episode of Flicks’ new podcast The Take – hosted by Blake Howard – explores the mystery of Gerard Butler (how does this dude keep getting work?) and deep dives into the bone-chilling world of screen serial killers.

The Ones Who Were Caught episode breakdown

ACT ONE: Blake is joined by LA TIMES Film Critic Katie Walsh to discuss how the Olympus Has Fallen series continues to exist.

ACT TWO: Blake is joined by author, screenwriter and Flicks contributor Maria Lewis to give their take on season two of Mindhunter and rank our top three screen+stream serial killers.

ACT THREE: Finally, Blake is joined by New York Times best-selling crime author Candice Fox, to discuss how her collaboration with James Patterson lead her to a five hour sit down with an infamous 70s serial killer.

This podcast stars…

Blake Howard (follow Blake on Twitter)
Katie Walsh (follow Katie on Twitter)
Maria Lewis (follow Maria on Twitter)
Candice Fox (follow Candice on Twitter)

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Olympus Has Fallen
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Angel Has Fallen
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