Hoyts Arndale
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Hoyts Arndale

Armada Arndale, 470 Torrens Road, Kilkenny, Adelaide, South Australia 5009


Once an Event branch, Kilkenny’s new Hoyts cinema has a new lease on life, specialising in Bollywood hits and even live music! Full Details


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$12 tickets for every session except Xtremescreen? That’s a tantalising offer when other cinemas (even other Hoyts cinemas!) are considerably more pricey. Armada Arndale shopping centre houses this comfortable and refreshed venue, now a Hoyts location.

This Kilkenny multiplex boasts of having “the best popcorn in Adelaide”, and of bringing cinema back to the heart of the western suburbs. Visit for yourself, perhaps trying out a bub-friendly “pram pix” screening or an advanced preview of the blockbusters everyone will be talking about next week.

Hoyts Arndale is specifically hailed as the home of Bollywood in Adelaide, with nearly half of its screenings for Hindi and Tamil movies.

Getting Here, Map & Parking

Between Port Adelaide and Adelaide CBD itself, Arndale’s shopping complex is easy to get to, via either the 251 bus from Mansfield Park, or the 232 city bus from Port Adelaide.

There’s plenty of parking around the Arndale mall, as well as casual dining options to take in before or after your session time.


Tickets are $12.00 for all guests and all sessions - excluding Xtremescreen sessions.