Table 19

Table 19


You're invited to the wedding of the season.

Anna Kendrick is an ex-maid of honour (having been relieved of her duties after being dumped by the best man) who insists on still attending the wedding in this comedy written by the Duplass brothers (Baghead, Cyrus). There, she is forced to sit with five randoms at the dreaded Table 19.

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  • The gags ought to have been put out of their misery and there's a deeply uncool unfeminist message. Full Review

  • Slapstick and sap vie for prominence in "Table 19," a comedy so lazy that it actually features someone falling off a log. Full Review

  • Kendrick, one of the smartest actresses around, is playing well beneath her abilities. The movie is choking on fumes before it's even had the chance to begin. Full Review

  • Anna Kendrick has a recent track record of being decisively better than the movies she's in. Table 19, an innocuous but misguided mess written and directed by Jeffrey Blitz from a story by Mark and Jay Duplass, continues the trend. Full Review

  • The strangers-at-a-table concept turns out to be a thin excuse to cobble together what might have been the pilot episode for a glibly forgettable TV series. Full Review